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Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation
in Turkey

GETFUE Clinic offers DHI and Sapphire FUE -
the most innovative techniques of hair transplantation for the most natural and high-density results for every patient.

What is the Advanced FUE Method of Hair Transplantation?

FUE hair transplantation involves moving hair follicles from a so-called donor area (typically the back of a patient's head) onto implantation areas. This procedure can recover lost hairlines, add density to the areas where hair has thinned and create facial hair - even in cases with little to none initial growth. Modern techniques used at the getFUE Clinic give our patients natural-looking, lifelong results.

Main Highlights of the FUE Method:

  • Results are lifelong
    Donor grafts are usually harvested from the back and sides of the scalp. Follicles in these areas are immune to hair loss.
  • No elongated scars
    With the FUE Method, grafts are extracted one at a time using a special instrument, without the use a scalpel.
  • Natural results and density
    For most patients, enough grafts can be transplanted during a single FUE procedure to give patients high-density, natural results.

How Do Hair Transplants Work

preparation for hair transplant

Preparation for procedure

It is important to accurately assess every individual case. A hair transplantation surgeon determines the optimal number of grafts to be transplanted and proposes a suitable outline of the implantation areas.
graft extraction process

Graft extraction and preservation

Donor grafts are harvested from a patient's donor area. A special instrument is used to extract grafts one by one, without leaving an elongated scar. These donor grafts are then preserved in a liquid solution that maximises survivability.
graft implantation with implanter pen

Implantation of Donor Grafts

At getFUE Clinic, implantation is done using the Implanter Pen DHI Method. Using this method, there is no need to pre-create implantation channels, reducing trauma to the scalp. Grafts are inserted into these instruments and implanted into the tissue at a natural angle.
hair transplantation aftercare


Following the procedure, patients need to take proper care of the donor and implantation areas to ensure a high level of graft regrowth. This includes washing these areas, protecting them from the elements and avoiding impacts and excessive pressure.

Hair transplant team at GETFUE Clinic in Antalya

Behind every successful hair transplant at getFUE Clinic in Antalya, there is a hard-working surgical team headed by an experienced surgeon. Every skilled member of our team has years of experience with innovative FUE procedures.

Advanced FUE in Action

Beard, Moustache and Eyebrows

High density of implantation, excellent graft regrowth rate and full control over the direction of graft implantation means that our team can produce perfectly shaped, dense facial hair. Even in cases with very little to none initial growth, Advanced FUE procedures can deliver top results.
high density hair implantation
no shaving hair transplant

Partial and No-Shave Procedures

Our team has extensive experience when it comes to implantation between existing hair. This allows us to deliver excellent results without a full shave. These complex procedures are a good option for patients needing fewer grafts and those placing an emphasis on speediest recovery.

Body Hair Transplantation

In situation when the amount of grafts that can be harvested from the back of a patient's scalp is not sufficient, our surgical team can supplement these with grafts from the beard. In some cases, grafts from the chest and other areas can also be transplanted to the scalp. These Advanced FUE procedures are more demanding and time-consuming.
body hair transplantation bht
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